Custom Designable Cable

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Current Estimated Turnaround for Custom Cables = 15-16 Business Days

By purchasing this product you acknowledge that this product is custom made per order and have read the estimated ship dates located either on top of our homepage or the description of this product. You also acknowledge our "Shipping, Returns, Cancellation, and Replacement Policies" policies located in the footer below.

Device Connector :
The device connector is what that connects straight into the device or keyboard. The most commonly used connector would either be a USB-C or USB-Micro.

Host Connector :
The host connector is the connector that connects into the PC. Most commonly used connector would be the USB-A.

Length of Cable :
This option selects how much length of cable you would like after the aviator, directly into the host device, or PC.

Length of Coil :
This options selects how big you would like your coil to be. The most commonly ordered coil size would be a 6in or 8in.

Paracord Color :
Paracord is the first layer of material under the cross hatch looking techflex. The color of paracord sets the main color chosen.

Techflex Color :
Techflex is the second layer of material above the paracord. Techflex is the cross hatch looking material that sits on top of the paracord. Techflex sets off the base color of paracord, creating a very cool look.

Heatshrink :
Heatshrink is the color "wrap" those goes around the USB connectors and the outside of both aviator ends.

Aviator Connector :
The aviator connector is the threaded connector that is able to be hot swappable to another end. If you would like to order another device or host end, we have that available for purchase.